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Servo motors with integrated electronics

Servo motors with integrated electronics

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Servo motors - powerful and durable

Servo motors - powerful and durable

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esiMotSL 1

esiMot SL

Rated power: 3,1 - 4,4 kW
Nominal torque: 10 - 20 Nm
Motor supply: 400 V AC
Protection: IP 65
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The all-in-one brushless servo drive with integrated electronics and three-phase 400 V AC power supply offers high variability and good integration capability thanks to the available inputs and outputs as well as its versatile functionality.
The galvanic isolation of the integrated interfaces allows easy connection to common bus systems such as PROFINET, PROFIBUS-DP, EtherCAT (CoE), CANopen (DSP402) or RS 485. The position is recorded either via resolver or multiturn absolute encoder. The built-in ballast circuit with resistor and status display via LEDs make esiMot a user-friendly complete system, which can optionally be completed with a holding brake.
As a special feature, the drive with built-in 4-Q amplifier and controller also offers the option of communicating with a PLC without a bus system. The signals are then exchanged via standard signals such as +/- 10V or by retrieving stored positions via the inputs. In this way, simple or single-axis drive tasks can be realized with a cost-effective controller without a complex bus system.


esiMot SL400 V
Size551/3552/2 554/3 555/2
Motor power (S3, 25%) [kW] 3,1 3,2 4,4 4,2
Rated power (S1)  [kW]1,9 2,1 2,9 2,75
Rated speed[min-1]3000 2000 3000 2000
Pulse torque <5 s [Nm]28,0 42,0 39 47
Nominal torque (S3, 25%)
[Nm]10,0 15,2 14,2 20,0
Nominal torque (S1)[Nm]6,5 10,0 9,3 13,2
Mass inertia rotary[10 -3 kgm²]0,8 1,58 2,87 4,65
Nominal current consumption AC[A] 6,0 6,1 8,6 8,1
Logic supply (0,3 A) [VDC] 24 24 2424
Axle resolution[lpr]4096409640964096
Degree of protection (construction-specific) IP65IP65IP54IP54
Weight approx.12,8 14,8 12,9 17,0


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Device Descriptions GSDML file for esiMot SL PROFINET
Device Descriptions GSD file for esiMot SL PROFIBUS