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Servo motors with integrated electronics

Servo motors with integrated electronics

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Servo motors - powerful and durable

Servo motors - powerful and durable

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Torque Motor esitron


Rated power: 0,63 kW
Nominal torque: 30 Nm
Motor supply: 230 V AC
Protection: IP 54
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esiTORQ – Torque motor with decentralized control

The torque motor is a backlash-free direct drive and is always used when classic motor-gearbox combinations reach their limits. Torque motors are highly efficient and extremely quiet thanks to their high efficiency and the absence of a gearbox! The use of high-quality needle bearings enables high payloads and tilting moments to be absorbed.

  • Constant torque
  • Stiff load coupling
  • Maximum dynamics, especially with high loads
  • High-resolution encoder (Heidenhain ECN 125 33.5 million incremental; single turn)


esiTORQ - TORQ-TT-0300
MN = 30 NmTT = Turn TableTorque motor withdec. control
Housing diameter[Ø]200 mm
Switch plate dimensions [Ø]170 mm
Controlwithout control*PLC*PROFIBUS*PROFINET*
EncoderHeidenhain ECN 125 EnDat 2.2 / EnDat 22
Add-on assemblymitCentering ringCentering flangeCentering ring and Centering flange
Center passage[Ø]22 mm
Direction of rotationclockwise/counterclockwise
Working positionany / adjustable at will Standard: horizontal control plate(other mounting positions -
please specify when ordering)
Part accuracy± 21" (based on Ø170 mm) ± 0,008 mm
Repeatability± 7"(based on Ø120 mm) ± 0,003 mm
Axial runout of the control plate0,02 (based on Ø170 mm)
Concentricity of the centering bore0,02
Plane parallelism switch plate to
housing support surface
[mm]0,04 (based on Ø120 mm)
Dead loadwithout control 18with control 20
*Only in combination with Heidenhain ECN 125 encoders