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Servo motors with integrated electronics

Servo motors with integrated electronics

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Servo motors - powerful and durable

Servo motors - powerful and durable

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esiMot M 7.1

esiMot M

Rated power: 120 bis 480 W
Nominal torque: 0,22 - 1,8 Nm
Motor supply: 24 or 48 V DC
Optional: multiturn absolute encoder
Protection: IP 65
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“all-in-one” – Decentralized servo drive 120 bis 480 W with integrated power electronics.

Digital 4Q controller, amplifier mode with analog control, positioning mode with PLC interface or fieldbus connections for PROFIBUS-DP, PROFINET, EtherCAT, CANopen or RS485, each electrically isolated.

Digital inputs and outputs and the ability to retrieve stored set data give the brushless drive a high degree of variability. The supplied GSD files and function blocks for S7 or EDS files allow easy integration into Profibus or CANopen networks. The galvanic isolation of the fieldbus interface ensures high interference immunity. The actuator also offers the option of communicating with a PLC without a bus system. In this case, signals are exchanged via analog standard signals or by retrieving the stored records. The brushless drives with 24 to 48 V DC supply are available in 5 sizes from 120 bis 480 W nominal power and nominal torques up to 1.8 Nm. There is optional explosion protection for zones 2 + 22. The adapted ballast circuit and status display via LEDs make the esiMot a user-friendly complete system.

It is possible to connect external encoders directly to our esiMot.
For further information, please refer to Accessories – External encoder system.


esiMot M24 V48 V60 V
Motor supply[VDC]
Rated power (S1)[W]70110200340300430380
Rated speed[min-1]3000300030003000160037502000
Rated torque (S1)[Nm]0,220,350,651,11,81,11,8
Rated current[A]4,05,63,59,08,09,08,0
Inertia rotary[gcm2]71,6128172530530530530
Inertia with brake[gcm2]95,3151,7195,7720720720720
Protection class (mounting specific)[-]
IP 64IP 64IP 64IP 64IP 64IP 64IP 64
Weight approx.[kg]1,371,82,32,32,32,32,3
Weight with brake approx.[kg]2,02,42,92,92,92,92,9


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