Servo controller - Servo drives for perfect application

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Servo controllers / servo amplifiers from esitron: tailor-made for every application!

Modular and compact

Servo controllers / servo amplifiers from esitron tailor-made for every applicationThe compact servo amplifiers from esitron have extensive functionalities, a flexible motor and feedback interface and are extremely cost-effective. As an electronic control element for servo motors, the servo controller can control them quickly and precisely by amplifying or attenuating signals accordingly. In particular, processes in which motors have to be accelerated to high speeds and braked again in the millisecond range or in which specified speeds have to be maintained can be reliably implemented. The servo controller also ensures that the motor can maintain a certain position or move to a predefined position or, depending on the preselected operating mode, maintain a predefined torque.

Complementary and intuitive

The servo amplifier portfolio is rounded off by a comprehensive range of perfectly matched accessories. Pre-assembled cables, mains filters, wiring aids and various components for energy management complete the drive system.