Regional Responsibility – Economic, Ecological and Social

For esitron, entrepreneurial action also means taking responsibility for our society and environment. That is why we bear economic, ecological and social responsibility and have been involved in the region in many ways for years.

Soziales Engagement ist uns wichtig

In order to conserve resources and protect the climate, we systematically integrate environmental protection measures into all areas of our corporate activities: from our own solar power system on the company building to support for a school, the Karl-Maybach-Gymnasium, to get pupils interested in science and technology, to the local football club SC Friedrichshafen. esitron provides drive!

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Unsere Klimabilanz immer im Blick

Our carbon footprint is an important aspect for us. Our aim is to be as climate-neutral as possible and to keep our CO2 footprint as low as possible. As far as electricity is concerned, 96 solar panels on the roof of the company building have been providing 24 kW of peak power since 2013 and ensure that esitron can – over the year – be self-sufficient for its electricity needs.

We also strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible in the area of packaging and shipping and have replaced Styrofoam and other plastic materials as far as possible with recycled and reusable paper and cardboard solutions in order to package our products safely and shockproof.

They are transported in the most efficient way possible with certified courier services to reach their destination quickly and guaranteed.

As a service for our customers, we offer the recycling of old appliances, naturally with appropriate separation of recyclable materials.

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