Loop drive and game balancing

This time the esiBlog is about backlash compensation by loop travel. For the layman this may sound like a child’s birthday, but in mechanical engineering and in the design of drives and automation technology for example, these are high-precision processes for the precise execution of machine sequences. So: loop travel is a mechatronic solution that is built into esitron’s CPS5 positioning controller, for example – as well as, in the future, esitron’s entire esiMot series, the brushless DC servo motors from esitron. The loop drive automatically coordinates that a target position is always approached from the same side. As a result gear backlash is fully compensated. Therefore, in the true sense it must be called: Backlash compensation BY loop travel. The use of point-precise, low-backlash gearboxes is no longer absolutely necessary.

esitron esiMot Baureihe SC10 Servo Regler
esitron esiMot series with SC10 servo controller