External encoder system / external encoder

Our Expertise series in the esiBlog is dedicated here to the topic: External Donor.

Our decentralized servo drives have proven themselves for years in a wide variety of machines and systems. Now they open up NEW with an input for external encoders the use in slip-related applications.The special feature of our solution is that our compact motor with integrated electronics offers the connection option of an external encoder in addition to the already existing internal encoder. AND that for this no positioning control is necessary for the evaluation of the external encoder.

Digital inputs and outputs, which either fulfill drive-integrated functions or report their status to the higher-level controller or control actuators as remote I/O via fieldbus are standard in the decentralized servo drives of the esiMot series. The possibility of positioning not only to the motor measuring system, but also to an encoder installed in the machine, takes cabinetless automation to a new level and reduces the amount of cabling required.

The direct 230V AC or three-phase 400V AC power supply without bulky control cabinet or power supply modules supports the trend towards lean machines.

On request esitron can supply matching worm, planetary or angular planetary gearboxes ready mounted with the drives. Customized special solutions up to special flange or shaft are possible.

externer Geber
Photo: external encoder