Wemhöner: Our decentralized servo motors in the woodworking industry

We have a long-standing partnership with Wemhöner Holding GmbH in Herford. Wemhöner is an innovative and worldwide leading supplier of 3D presses for mechanical and plant engineering. For the finishing of wood-based materials as well as for the planning, implementation and commissioning of production lines in industrial use in the wood-based materials and furniture industry, drives from esitron have been used for many years.

Wemhöner production line with drive from esitron; here photos from a plant in the USA.

20221205 075416
The company is a global technology and market leader. Recently, Wemhöner, for the second time in a row as one of 450 companies from Germany, was awarded the title of “World market leader for the finishing of wood-based materials: Short-cycle press lines for direct melamine coating and 3D variable presses” in the Machinery and Plant Engineering segment. The sales network covers the processing of global markets. The product range consists mainly of complete plants, but single machines are also offered, e.g. for integration into existing production lines.