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Type: LED display module
Character height: 14 mm
Number of digits: 6 digits, 7 segments
Power supply: 24 V DC
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The DM6 LED display module is a 14 mm, 6-digit LED display for industrial applications.

It is a display module with PROFIBUS-DP, PROFINET, CANopen, EtherCAT or RS485 connection. PROFIBUS / PROFINET data and values are converted and displayed. It is used to display any process data such as pressure, temperature, speed or counter values. It contains an integrated character set and can display signed numbers. Individual segments can be easily controlled. With the built-in flashing function for all or individual digits, it is possible to effectively display limit value violations or alarm statuses. Many other useful functions are available. The display module is therefore suitable for displaying any process data such as pressure, flow rate, positions, temperature, quantity, speed, counter values etc. in production systems and machines.

  • Flashing function for all or individual locations
  • 5 m reading distance
  • Possible fieldbus interfaces: PROFIBUS, PROFINET, EtherCAT, CANopen, RS485


  • Display of analog values 0 – 10 V, 0/4 – 20 mA
  • 20 bit resolution
  • Scalable display value
  • Up/down counter, 3 digital inputs 24 V, 25 kHz


Brochure DM6
Brochure DM6 analogue
Device Descriptions GSDML file for DM6 PROFINET
Device Descriptions GSD file for DM6 PROFIBUS
Device Descriptions XML file for DM6 EtherCat
Device Descriptions EDS file for DM6 CANopen