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Type: on-board PLC, compact
Inputs/outputs: 10 digital inputs, 8 digital outputs, 2 analog I/O each
Interfaces/networks: CANopen, Ethernet, RS232, USB
Other characteristics: with integrated HMI
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Compact Process System Controller | Display Controller CPS500

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  • Freely programmable compact controller CPS500
  • Bright and brilliant display
  • Freely programmable with CoDeSys
  • 7″ Wide Screen Color TFT
  • Operation via touch panel
  • Full range of PLC functions in accordance with IEC 61131-3
  • Program memory internal or on SD memory card
  • CANopen, Ethernet, RS232, USB
  • Remote maintenance via Internet, web server/visualization
  • Integrated analog and digital inputs/outputs
  • Inputs/outputs modularly expandable

The 7″ wide-screen touch panel is an all-in-one solution and combines control, operation, visualization and I/Os in one device. Fully programmable under CoDeSys, the CPS500 offers a compact complete solution with analog and digital I/Os as standard. A special feature is a CANopen master interface for easy connection of decentralized modules, such as the in-house servo drives from the “esiMot” series. Galvanically isolated, the CAN interface guarantees interference-free operation. The CPS500 also has 10 digital inputs and 8 digital outputs, which can be loaded with 0.5 A. This means that additional power cards are not required in many applications. 2 analog inputs with 12 bit and 2 analog outputs with 10 bit resolution round off the onboard offer. An integrated web server enables visualization and maintenance via the Internet. A USB interface with standard connector is available for programming. For memory-intensive applications, the available memory can be increased using an SD card.


Brochure CPS500
Brochure CPS500 Multi-axis-control