Motion controller - Input controls

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Positioniersteuerung CPS20 1920w


Type: electronic
Inputs/outputs: digital, for PLC processes
Handling: simple & ready to usw, menu-driven plain text display
Application: rotary table / dividers / feeders / linear movements
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Compact positioning controller for one axis.

Control panel, position control and controller in one device. The CPS20 includes operating software for simple, menu-guided operation with ready-to-use, universal functions.

  • Can be used immediately as all functions are included
  • Simple, convenient operation thanks to menu-guided plain text display
  • No programming knowledge required
  • Digital inputs/outputs for PLC processes
  • Integrated piece counter

    Specifically coordinated functions for:
  • Universellen Einsatz                               
  • Rotary tables / dividing heads
  • Feed and press automation
  • Feed controls

  • Measuring wheel
  • Handwheel
  • Serial interface (optional online)
  • Integrated cam switch unit
  • Complete devices with integrated power electronics for drives


Brochure CPS20
Brochure CPS20 Posistop
Brochure CPS20 Roundtable
Brochure CPS20 Feed