Experience nature for yourself – on the earthquake sofa at Universum Bremen

An unusual but all the more impressive application example of our MP100 control unit.

The Micropos MP100 positioning controller coordinates the technical processes of the simulation of two different earthquakes that can be experienced on a living room sofa – to be found in the permanent exhibition of the renowned Universum® Bremen museum.

At Universum® Bremen, a fascinating hands-on museum, visitors can embark on an extraordinary journey of discovery into the world of science. Scientific phenomena from the fields of technology, man and nature can be experienced up close and with all the senses at over 300 exhibits. One of these interactive stations is the so-called earthquake sofa.

Universum Bremen Dauerausstellung Natur Erdbebensofa
Photo: Universum® Bremen; permanent exhibition – Nature, earthquake sofa

The earthquake sofa invites guests to take a seat and select a program. While a radio program is playing, this installation simulates two historical earthquakes: the San Francisco earthquake of 1906 and the Albstadt earthquake of 1978. The duration and acceleration of the simulated movements correspond to the length and intensity of the tremors during these events.

MP100 Produktbild
Photo: esitron; MP100 multi-axis positioning controller

This earthquake simulator is equipped with a controller from esitron, the MP100, which coordinates the electronic processes and positions. Micropos MP100 is therefore a positioning controller for electric or hydraulic drives. It is a control cabinet module, 1-axis to 4-axis synchronizable, with synchronous running function up to 4 axes, which can be operated online via RS232 interface. Its special feature is the displacement/pressure controller.
For more information on this and other control units, please visit the esitron website.

Positioniersteuerungen esitron
Photo: esitron; other positioning controls in our range

Information on the earthquake sofa can be found on the Universum® Bremen website:
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In the last third of the movie you travel through the nature section and also through the room with the earthquake sofa!

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